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Techeiles Question: I have seen the Rav's teshuvos about Murex techeiles, and the Rav has not been supportive. In the Mishpacha Magazine over Pesach, the Rav was quoted as permitting someone (if I recall correctly it was one of the Rav's drivers) who was wearing techeiles to continue to wear it. I was was wondering what the basis of that psak was. Some suggested it is based on "Shavyeh Nafshei" Thank you fo ...

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seudas hodaah

seudas hodaah Question: Bchasdei Hashem our child had a transplant. B"H made a kiddush. Is there a requirement to make a Seudas Hodah for a child or minhag? Also when is considered healed after a transplant? As they normally need to take anti rejection medication. Answer: No, there is no requirement. This is a praiseworthy minhag, but the point is to publically thank Hashem for the great kindness He has don ...

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Blood Donation Source

Blood Donation Source Question: לכבוד מרן שליט׳א A patient who is anaemic and requires blood transfusion ( his life is not in danger ) asks that he should only be given blood from a ירא שמים who has not eaten anything that may have lead to be מטמטם הלב. Should the patient be advised that he should take any blood available or is it best to try and establish a source donor who meets the above requirements. Ma ...

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Is a Heter iska lechatchila?

Is a Heter iska lechatchila Question: Hi, I work as an underwriter for an Israeli fund. The find raises money from Israeli investors, and gives loans with interest to both Jews and non-Jews in the USA. As the only orthodox Jew in the fund, I have consulted with various rabbonim as to how to deal with the many Ribbis issues that arise in the course of this business. I make sure that a Heter Iska is made for ...

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Chazal and Science

Chazal and Science Question: Lchivod Harav, I heard a shiur from the Rav (Shoftim 5772) about his opinion about Chazal and Science. I really appreciated the approach and it made sense to me. If I understood correctly, it's that Chazal weren't trying to convey the metzius. Rather they were being koveah the halacha forever using the tools they had at their time, regardless of the scientific metzius. A kasha I ...

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striking at work

striking at work Question: Is a rebbe or teacher allowed to strike (not come into work) if he did not get paid for a long time (three months). (i know that r' moshe in igros moshe and r' aron in mishnas r' aron discuss about striking but there they basically speak about striking to get paid more (a raise) not in a case that he did not get paid for months. Answer: Yes, one may stop working and strike if he i ...

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credit card points

credit card points Question: since credit card companies do not allow selling of points obviously because it causes them a loss is it permitted for one to sell his points? Answer: Being that this is widely practiced by many people and openly, the Credit Card companies are well aware of this practice. They enforce this rule when they are interested in doing so, and for whatever reason they seem to not genera ...

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Shavuos in St. Petersberg

Question: Shalom, Rabbi! You answered about early 2nd day of Shavuot in St. Petersburg. What about this year that Shavuot is Motzei Shabbos? Is it possible to make kiddush and yom tov meal before Shabbos end? It is all at time of White Nights. Thank You. Answer: Yes, this leniency would apply this year as well. However. no melacha may be done until Chatzos [cooking, lighting candles] as with regard to Bibli ...

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St. Petersberg White Night Zmanim

Question: 1.During White Nights here in St. Petersburg we end Shabbat at midnight (2:00). This is also the time of alot ashahar. Accordingly, there is no opportunity to say a blessing on the candle and eat Seudat melawe malka. Question: Is it possible to rely on the opinion of rabbi Ovadiya Yoseph that alot ashahar is 72 dakot zmaniet before dawn, and accordingly there is a certain night after Chatzot for B ...

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Diabetes Pen – Shabbos

Diabetes Pen - Shabbos Question: Lekovod Harav Weiss, my mother has a bad case of diabetes and sometimes forgets to take her insulin. Can she use an insulin pen on Shabbos? the advantage of this device is that it reminds you to take the insulin as it records each time the insulin is taken. this is a very helpful feature for people who tend to forget to take the insulin every so often. please advise. thank y ...

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