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Asking a Non Jew to do a Melocho Be`shinuy

I was wondering if lehalocho one could be meikil to ask a goy to do a melocho be`shinuy for it to be a shvus deshvus

Harav Sh. Z. Auerbach (in Minchas Shlomo) is reluctant to be meikil but in Orchos Shabbos various sources are being quoted to allow.
And if so, surely one could ask `directly` wothout derech remiso as with any other Shvus de`Shvus

Many thanks


As you mentioned this issue is debated by the poskim. The opinion of Moreinu HaRav is that this would in fact be considered a shvus dshvus, and would not require remiza.

However in an instance where remiza is possible this is the preferred way to make use of a goy, as this avoids any “amira l’akum” at all, as opposed to shvus dshvus which is assur unless certain criteria are met, see O:C 307:5.

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