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Onas Ohr Zarua


Would it be possible to ask the Rav`s opinion with regards to Onas Ohr Zarua. These are my questions:

1. The Poskim agree that Leil Tevilla and Bo/ Yotzei min haderech one can be meikil

However, the Chazon Ish was also meikil “be`es hatzorech” – what was he referring to and does the Rav pasken that way too?

2. Some poskim seem to be mattir when one does a bedikkah instead. Is that acceptable?

3. A couple that kept it for several yrs, but now find it difficult, can they be mattir neder and stop keeping it?

Many thanks!!


The point the Chzon Ish was making is that the Or Zarua is not halacha psuka but rather a chumra. This chumra however, has become accepted practice across the spectrum of Orthodox Jewry. That being so one should not cease it’s practice because of slight difficulty, and should not dismiss it with a bedika instead. That being said when there is a real need because of shalom bayis, irregular period, scheduling etc. there is certainly room for leniency, which should be done with the guidance of a Rav. A temporary leniency would not require hataras nedarim. If one receives a psak to permanently cease this chumra, hatara nedarim would be needed. The above is the opinion of Moreinu Harav shlit”a.

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