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Closing Beeping Fridge

A fridge door gets opened by mistake with the Shabbos setting not turned on.
It starts beeping loudly.
And the whole mishpacha can’t sleep (the wife) can you be somech on a shvus deshvus and close the door with a shinui.
Or is it only that we are somech on that with amira leakum if so where is it mefurash.
And also If you close the door and the beeping goes off inadvertently is that called a grama and then mutar (ie shvus deshvus with a grama bemakom mizveh).
And if that’s not a grama what if you where to push the door out and then it would close back by itself.


If the noise is causing great discomfort a non Jew should be told to turn it off. If a non Jew is not available one could put a small child next to the door and allow them to close it on their own [without being instructed to do so]. If the above are not options one could be lenient to close the door with a shinui. This would be a shvus deshvus, see Magen Avraham 307 sk. 7 [at the end] where he is lenient in extenuating circumstances. Even according to the opinions that closing an electric circuit is a Torah prohibition, see Gra”z 328:19 who is lenient to do a melacha with a shinui for a sick person based on the Gemara in Kesubos 60a.

While doing a grama would be the most preferable option, it would seem that all methods of closing the door are not considered grama but rather a direct act.

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