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Music During Bein Hametzorim

Regarding the Minhag of refraining from listening to music during the `three weeks`
A person who wishes to purchase a music cd l`zorech after 9 b`av, but to help him choose the right cd he would like to listen for just a minute to the music – is that permitted or not?
The question is based on the fact that this is lichora not mesameach as he will have no great joy and pleasure from this short listening, so may be comparable to menagen l`zorech parnassah etc. which the poskim are mattir. On the other hand, he IS listening to music.
What is the Rov`s shlit`a s opinion in this?
Many thanks!


The Gemara tells us that from the begining of Av we are required to diminish various forms of simcha. Before that time we find no suc prohibition in the Gemara. Nevertheless, the minahg [which is codified in Shulchan Aruch] for Ashkenazim is to refrain already from Shiva Asur B’Tamuz, in certain things. The minhagim mentioned in Shulchan Aruch are not to make weddings, not to take a haircut, and to be more wary of activities that could be dangerous [see O:C 551:18].

In the context of not making weddings, [which brings excessive joy, see Shaar Hatzion 551 s.k. 48, that in general we only find limitations from Rosh Chodesh] the poskim add that one should not engage in “rikudim and mecholos” [mishna brura 551:16], dancing in groups with song. This minhag has been understood by the poskim to include not listening to music in general. It is questionable whether recorded music falls under this minhag, as it certainly creates a lesser degree of simcha, and is not actually “klei zemer”. While it is certainly praiseworthy to refrain from even this, the opinion of Moreinu Harav shit”a, is that strictly speaking this does not fall under the prohibition of kli zemer [see Minchas Asher Moadim:Tzomos, siman 44].

It would follow that to listen to a short clip for the purpose of determining whether to purchase or not would be permitted.


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