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Amira Lakum for Kiruv Rechokim

I officiate as a rabbi once a month in a primarily non religious community, my wife is rarely able to venture out of the house because of the kids and lack of eruv, and is unable to partake in any kiruv involvement in the shul, such as meeting members and building relationships that would lead to potential chavrusas and shabbos meals, are we able to use a pusher to facilitate her freedom from the shackles of being home bound and thus not have any involvement with building the community in the shul. We have asked this shaila to a rav who said that meikar hadin it was mutar, being a shvus deshvus bemakom mizveh, although he felt that it could lead to a big pirzta in the community that would give people the idea that they could use goyim left right and centre for anything they couldn’t do on shabbos. He mentioned that he was not paskening, and rather giving his opinion on the matter. We took his advice, although it proved very difficult, and dissuaded my wife from wanting to be in such a situation again. Is there makom to use a pusher in this situation considering that no baby sitter is available or an option?


Using a non Jew to push the stroller for the need of getting out and for the mitzva of kiruv rechokim would fall under the category of shvus dshvus bmakom mitzva.  The question of whether this will cause a pirtzah is a judgement call, that needs to be determined locally. This may have to do with the question of whether you are viewed a their halachic authority. Perhaps there is a way to do it in a way that will not be so noticeable to people. Maybe using a non Jew only on alternating months would be a way to diminish this concern. If it only a small group of Jews maybe they could be educated as to the halachos of Amira L’Akum.

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