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Crossing Timelines During A Fast day


According to the Rav, how should a person traveling from Europe to America in Tzom Gedalia conduct himself? Should he continue to fast until the sunset of his arrival destination (which would be hours later than Europe) or can he eat according to sunset at place of departure? Does the fact that Tzom Gedalia is nidche this year make a difference?

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The Halachic determination for the end of a day is always by the sunset\nightfall of the place where a person is at that time. Just as if the sun would stand still the day would extend, and not terminate upon a 24 hour period, so too with a traveler who arrives in a place which adds hours to his fast. The Rav did add that since this is a taanis nidche, there is some leniency, and so if the extended fast causes one to feel ill, he may break his fast because of that consideration.

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