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Nuts on Rosh Hashana


Several questions regarding the Minhag to refrain from eating nuts

1. Does is start R“Ch Elul or Rosh Hashono
2. Which types of nuts are included
3. Whats the din if its processed eg cereal or bread spreads?

Many thanks and kesiva vechasimah tovah


1. The minhag only pertains to Rosh Hashana.

2. The minhag is commonly accepted to include all types of nuts, including pistachios, walnuts, and even peanuts.

3. There are 2 reasons given for this custom, because these foods cause excessive saliva and phlegm and because of the gematria of חטא. It would seem that processed nuts mixed in to other foods remove both of the above concerns, nevertheless many have the minhag to refrain in any form from nuts on Rosh Hashana, and that would seem to be the preferred practice.

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