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Bar Mitzva in Beis Kneses

L’chvod Harav,

We were planning on making a Bar Mitzvah seuda in a shul in Eretz Yisrael. My rav expressed concern that any shul that has keduashas Beis Haknesses is assur to do “sicha betayla” there. I told him that this shul was built to be a social hall, and they daven there because they haven’t built the shul part yet. When I asked the rav of the shul if it was kedushas beis ha’knesses, he answered me that he doesn’t know. However, he had made a tenai, plus they had in mind, that it would be a social hall one day and they are truly trying to accomplish this.

They often rent out the shul for all kinds of social functions. Can I assume that the shul doesn’t have kedushas since the plan was from the start for this to be the hall?


Even in a proper Beis Kneses a seudas mitzva is permitted מעיקר הדין, as brought in Shulchan Aruch או”ח סימן קנא סעיף ד. The Mishan Brura there mentions the more stringent opinion but says one may rely on the lenient opinion when the shul is the convenient place for the seuda.

In this instance a תנאי was made and even in Eretz Yisrael the Biur Halacha סימן קנא סעיף יא ד”ה אבל seems to be lenient. This would certainly be true in this instance where in fact it was not built at all to be used as a Beis Kneses and is only being used as such on a temporary basis.

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