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Kevura After Cremation

Is there a purpose to bury in a jewish cemetery, someone who r”l was cremated?

Does it make a difference if they were not frum, and could be considered tinok shenisha?

Thank you.

While there is no obligation to perform burial in such an instance, in the event we are dealing with a tinok shnishbeh, there would be prohibition from providing him burial, as many totally non observant are provided Jewish burial. So if the family feels a sensitivity and desire to provide Jewish burial, it may be done. The Sridei Aish [chelek beis, siman 122] is stringent in this regard, yet it seems he was fighting a trend towards secularism and defending Jewish burial. In our times were it is usually ignorance and generations of secularism, and the institution of Jewish burial is not threatened, there is more room for leniency.

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