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Shemittah – Heter Mechira

L’chvod Horav Shlita

I live in chutz la’oretz and inadvertently bought an aubergine dip from Eretz Yisroel which turned out to be made with shemittah produce with a hechsher which says it relies on heter mechira. I have the container which is almost full and would like to know what to do with it. I also spread some of it on some bread which also has chumas on it (so I could not simply scrape off the aubergine), What should I do with the piece of bread?

With many thanks


The main concern for heter mechira is that it may create sfichin, which are prohibited for consumption. However in the first months of the year chances are that the eggplant began growth in the sixth year, in which case there in no issue of sfichin. The other concern is shamur v’neevad. While these are reasons not to purchase in the first place, once purchased the halacha follows the Chazon Ish that the food is permissible for consumption. Hence, the food may be eaten, and should certainly be treated with kedushas shviis. This means that any significant amount of leftovers should not be disposed of, until it reaches a state of not being fit for consumption. Alternatively, it may be wrapped well and disposed of in the trash bin. Additionally, it may not be fed to animals, sold to anyone [a present is fine], or given to a non Jew


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