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Shutting Down Homepage for Shabbos

Sholom uVrocho,

I maintain a website covering a book about the parasha and containing a weekly parshezettel available for download and as a “Blog”.

In the summer I used to shut down the homepage on Erev Shabbos, but than it took me a while to restart it on Mozzei Shabbos/Sunday. Now in the winter its much harder to shut if off right before shabbos and I would have to do it a lot earlier. As you can understand this is the time with the most accesses on the website (to download the parshezettel) and also on mozzai shabbos I have a lot of accesses after people read the parshezettel in shul and who want to read more.

Unfortunately I can see that my website is also accessed on Shabbos itself when I leave it open, though in a much lower rate. Its not necessarliy jews who are looking on it, since the site can be found anywhere on google and I know that also nonjews are also looking at the site.

My question is: Is it preferable to shut down the homepage before Shabbos, or is it possible to leave it as it is even on shabbos?

Thanks for helping me with this sheilo!



As long as you have no gain from people logging in on Shabbos, and are not assisting them in any way to do so, there is no prohibition to leave it on for Shabbos. Especially being that there may not be Jews using it at all on Shabbos. While certainly it would be preferred to turn it off, since you will lose traffic from before Shabbos you may rely on the ikar halacha that there is no prohibition. Perhaps a notice should be placed on the site that it is intended for weekday use only.

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