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Cohen Doctor Learning on Cadavers


Hi, I´m a Cohen doctor, ENT surgeon with subspecialties in Pediatric ENT and Otology. We´re considering moving to Israel and would like to know if i can work at any hospital in Israel or should i limit my search for an halachically focused hospital which limits my options both in terms of parnasa as well as professional growth (although not necesarlly). Also, as I progress in my capabilities I feel more the necessity of training in advanced surgery courses with cadaveric dissections. Considering again that now i´m at an advanced level of practice and that a complication can occur at any moment, and that courses like that provide an unreplaceable training option, Am I aloud to participate in such a course? I understand that “maga” can be avoided with using gloves, “Massa” can not be avoided by any means?


As per the present מציאות  in hospitals, there is certainly a dilemma of Tumah fro Kohanim. This is certainly so with regards to studying with cadavers. As long as there is no Pikuach Nefesh facing us right now it is difficult to see a justification to intentionally engage in a place which will cause Tumah.

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