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Shiur Hadlaka for Lighting Inside


Hadlokoh oissoh Mitzvoh (Siman 673, 2) but b`shas Hadlokoh it needs oil for 1/2 hr (Biur halocho).
Why is there a 1/2 requirement for us who light inside and our Pirsum haness is fulifilled with b`ney Habayis, surely the shiur of 1/2 hr which is tichle regel min hashuk has no connection to that?


There is much discussion in the Poskim as to the nature of the shiur of a half hour. There are a number of Achronim who understand that although the shiur was based on the zman of תכלה רגל מן השוק, being that at the time of Chazal this was a half hour, this was established as the shiur for the mitzvah regardless of the actual תכלה רגל [see רש”ש שבת כא:]. If that is the case, then this is the shiur for everyone including those lighting inside. If we assume the shiur is based on the actual תכלה רגל, then lighting inside would seem to not be bound to this shiur. There are a number of answers offered to this question. The לבוש [תרע”ב סע’ א’] explains that in fact in side there is no hakpade for the shiur of תכלה רגל just that the light not go out right away which would not be recognizable as a ner mitzvah. The custom he writes is to have a half hour. The Maharal in Sefer Ner Mitzvah [עמ’ מו’] explains that during the zman of תכלה רגל people are still out and visiting one another and so even opne lighting inside should have a shiur of פרסומי ניסא for visitors. The Avnei Nezer [סימן תק”ד אות י’] explains that in order to be called a “Ner Chanuka” it must be a Ner with which one could fulfill the mitzvah in it’s ideal setting, outside. For this we require a ner which could burn a half hour.

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