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Encouraging Non Religous to Perform Mitzvos

A secular man who is involved professional soccer wants to put mezuzas up as well as putting on teffilin, when he is not prepared to start living a religious lifestyle at all [his hope is he will win more games] . Should he still be encouraged to do these mitzvos ?


One should certainly encourage shmiras hamitzvos of any Jew, regardless of his questionable reasoning and current lifestyle. After all he is responsible to perform these mitzvos as is any other religious Jew. In addition, creating a relationship with him and giving him a good feeling towards keeping mitzvos, may be the first step in bringing him back to Torah and Mitzvos. At the same time it should be explained to him that these mitzvos are not a mere segula, but rather a way of life which will bring him eternal fulfillment and reward, way beyond a successful soccer match.

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