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Hot Water Urn Used with Non Kosher Foods


May someone use a hot water urn at the office if there is the likelihood that one of the non-Jewish workers used non-kosher soup/coffee.  From what I found, the majority of poskim are not concerned with nitzuk with respect to isur v’heter.  But I imagine that there should still be a problem of the steam from the soup on to the spout above.  I saw one kashrus organization gave a heter and was not concerned with the steam – but I don’t understand why not.  What is Rav Asher Weiss shlit”a position on this.


The steam which rises from a cup of coffee or soup is minimal and disperses quickly. Any small amount which gets absorbed in the urn, will be absorbed into the water in the urn, and will probably be batel bshishim. Even without the shishim, most coffee will not have real non kosher and the steam will likely not have any kashrus issue. Even soups which may contain non Kosher, it is probably in small amounts, and the diluted steam will have even less. In addition the constant boiling water passing through the urn and the spout, will provide some level of hechsher to the kli. It would seem that based on these considerations one may be lenient and use the urn, provided it is kept clean from food residue and the like.

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