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Baruch Hu u’Varuch Sh’moi

If the shliach tzibbur for Birchos Hashchar recites the berachos quickly, such that he leaves no or little space in which to respond the four words Baruch Hu u’Varuch Sh’moi, is it better to

a) say them fast in a garbled fashion (“b’ch’shmoi”)
b) say them while the shat”tz is saying the words that follow so that you miss most of the words of the beracha
c) skip Baruch Hu u’Varuch Sh’moi altogether in order to answer a proper Amen to a complete beracha?


Certainly, one should not say a cut off, garbled ברוך הוא וברוך שמו. If it is impossible for one to answer in the allotted time it would be preferable not to answer at all. Extending into the end of the bracha is also not proper as one must hear and pay attention to the Shalich Tzibbur, and answer Amen. There are those who say ברוך הוא וברוך שמו very quickly and yet manage to say the entire thing, even though to others it may not be clear.

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