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Moving into a Bought Property

May I ask a few Shayles regarding a move into a bought property:

1. Does one nowadays make a Berocho upon moving into a property (although there is a mortgage to pay) and if yes is it Shehecheyonu (as in the Mishna) or Hatoiv veHameitiv (as the mashmous in the Biur Halocho – if its a family house)?

2. The Lehorois Nosson Chelek 2 (based on a Chasam Sofer) states that the minhag in Chutz lo`oretz is not to say as it strenghtens the Golus – is that the Rov`s opinion too, or does it make it a Sofeik Berocho?

3. When is the correct time to make the Berocho – when one puts up the Mezuzos or when one makes a Seudo for family (over the next few weeks)?

4. What is the right hanhogo wrt the amoh al amoh? Where should it be and how should it be done?


One who moves into a new home with a family should make a bracha of hatov vhameitiv, even if he has a mortgage on the home. This bracha has always and should be made even in Chutz Laaretz.

The bracha should be made upon the purchase of the house, when it is fit for living.

The Amoh al Amoh should ideally be placed on the wall facing the entrance, so that it is clearly seen to one entering the house. The Amoh should be left without any paint or finish.

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