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Washing Hands in Bathroom


Re washing the hands in the bathroom (toilet). After looking through the poiskim, it seems that it is a problem to wash hands in the toilet and then make then berocho of Asher Yotzar (and Netillas Yadayim if relevant) as the ruach ro`oh is in the room and one needs to wash hands outside.
Based on the fact that one could argue that our modern toilets which are much cleaner and it`s all flushed away, I was wondering if one could rely on this on the regular base as this would be much more convenient for all modern houses (which normally have no sinks outside the toilets).

Re Sefiras Ha`oimer.
Some people tend fulfil the Mitzva of sefiras ha`oimer kehilchasah until the forget one night / day and subsequently as they have no more the opportunity of saying berochos they become lax in performing the Mitzva.
Based on the fact that this is a minority opinion that we dont count with a berocho after forgetting one night and many subsequent fulfilments are at stake, is there room to be meikil and allow such people to continue to count with a Berocho?
(It may be comoparable to Harav Wosner sz`l psak re a Rov who forgot to count)

Thanks very much and kol tuv – with many thanks


1. Our bathroom which are clean and function for bathing and washing in addition to the toilet, do not have the same status as the bathroom of Chazal. Hence one may wash their hands in the sink in the bathroom.

2. Shulchan Aruch clearly rules with the opinion of the Behag that one who misses one night and day may not count with a bracha. Therefore unless other halachic criteria are present to allow counting with a bracha, this consideration to give incentive to take counting more sriously would not be suffient to continue counting with a bracha.

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