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Non Observant Employee


What is the rules of relying on a non observant joy or non jew at work for kashrus maachalim? and is it different or similar to having a maid or goyim working in a restauraunt? If one can’t rely on them how should I explain it so they wont get offended?


Certainly, a non Jew or non observant Jew can’t serve as a mashgiach kashrus, for preparation of food purchasing food, etc., see Rambam Hilchos Maachalos Asuros [end of Chapter 11]. However if there are clear rules about keeping a kitchen kosher and observant employees are always in and out, this would be sufficient. If the person is known to be trustworthy and one is certain he would not lie in this regard [and he has nothing to gain from lying], Igros Moshe [Y:D 1:54, 2:43] rules that one may trust him in matters of kashrus [to say he only uses kosher food in the kitchen, that a product was bought from a kosher store etc.].

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