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Hefsek in Birchas Tallis and Tefillin


Gut Voch May I ask Moreinu`s opinion on the following two questions:

1. The M`B paskens (Siman 8) that if the Talis falls of during davening and then one puts it on again one should make a new Berocho. Other Poskim (incl. R Sh Z sz`l and the Tehilo leDovid are choilek and compare to the Shlo re Tefilin that throughout Tefilloh there is no hessech Hada`as. What is the right approach in the Rov`s opinion?

2. The M`B paskens that if a person takes off his Tefilin to go to the Beis hakisse, when he puts it back on he recites a Berocho as the fact that he cannot wear the Tefillin there. Harav Wosner says the Minhag is to be meikil with regard to Ketanim. Additionally, one may argue that this is toileh in the machlokies acharoinim that contemprary Beis Hakisse`s are not really ossur. What is the Rov`s opinion in this matter (both for ketanim and gedoilim)? Many thanks and Gut Voch


1. See Shu”t Minchas Asher, Volume 1, Siman 1, Chapter 3, where the Rav rules one should not make a bracha because of safek brachos lehakel. Nevertheless one who does make a bracha has what to rely on. One who has express intent when putting on the tallis that if it falls his bracha only goes on the first wearing, may certainly  make a bracha when putting it on for the second time.

2. Our bathrooms do not have the status of a true bais hakisey and as such after ketanim it would be a safek bracha and one would not make another bracha.

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