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Chuppah in Conservative Temple

I was asked to be m’sader kiddushin at an upcoming wedding. The parents of both the choson and the kallah are not Orthodox, rather staunchly Conservative. The mother of the bride chose the place for the wedding – a Conservative Temple (where the chuppah is held in the sanctuary). The choson and kallah do not want to disrupt sholom bayis with their folks if it is at all possible to have it there (although the choson is uncomfortable with it.) Is it halachically forbidden to have a chuppah (which is done k’das u’k’din) in the sanctuary of a Conservative Temple?


There is no halachic prohibition to have a chupah in such a Temple. The concern would be Chilul Hashem and condoning Conservative practice. If it clear that this is a technical issue to keep the peace in the family but there is no condoning or hint of conservative practice, there would be room for leniency. There is also the issue of a Rav  and public figure performing a wedding there. It must be determined that this will not be interpreted as condoning their beliefs or of any religious cooperation on any level

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