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Attending a consevative wedding of a student


Dear Rav, My wife and I are in Kiruv. My wife also teaches kallahs. A few months ago my wife got a phone call  about a girl  completely not religious and unaffiliated who got engaged. Her friend encouraged her to do Kallah classes with my wife. My wife began teaching her via phone and skype. They have become very close. This kallah is getting married by a consevative Rabbi. My wife told her she would be able to attend the ceremony. The girl was extremely hurt.  My wife is her only window into the orthodox world. My wife feels she may resent orthodoxy and may be completely turned off.  Is My wife (and me allowed to attend a wedding officiated by a conservative Rabbi? I am asking about the actual ceremony/kiddushin and the rest of the wedding? Here where my wife is this girls only connection to Torah is there more leniency? Thank You


There is no prohibition to actually attending such a marriage. Generally, we don’t do it as it may be a kind of condoning and approval of conservative Judaism. That being so, when the benefits are so great, as to keep a kesher, keep her connected to the Torah world, and perhaps one day be mekarev them to Shmiras Hamitzvos, attendance would be permitted. This is especially true here where your presence may make the difference in terms of Taharas Hamishpacha.

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