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tefillin retzuot

shalom. there has been some publicity here in london recently about retzuot for tefillin where the black “paint” peels off like a layer of plastic. what is the rav’s view on such retzuot and do they need to be replaced?

Paint peeling off may not invalidate the teffilin, There is a machlokes between the Noda Beyhuda and Chaye Adam with regards to thick paint that is peelable from the tefillin. However in the past year the market has been flooded with pasul retzuos. They were never painted, rather a plastic was glued on. More than that these retzuos have no hashgacha on the ibud of the skins and even of the source of the leather. These issues an certainly invalidate the retzuos according to all opinions. One who has concern for his retzuos should have them checked by someone familiar with retzuos, and one who has these retzuos should have them switched immediately.

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