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Anesthesia for Bris

Are u allowed to anesticize a baby for a bris and if yes why dont we?


While there is no prohibition involved, it is not common practice.

Bris Milah is one of the most sacred rituals in Jewish practice. It is the commandment which brings the next generation into the covenant of Abraham, and engraves on his very flesh his connection to his people and their traditions. As with all Jewish tradition we are very wary of innovation. We want to continue adding links to the chain the same way it has been done from the very beginnings of our nation. This ensures authenticity and continuity of our great legacy.

In some of the esoteric sources they explain that the pure cry of the baby invokes great heavenly mercy for the child and his future.

In addition it is important to note that the Bris in fact involves minimal pain to the baby. At many Brisos the baby cries for a mere minute or 2, and that is all. We can never know what a baby is feeling at that age, and while it is clear they feel pain, it does not seem to be a very traumatic experience in any way to the baby.

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