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Business with Non-Kosher Foods

I heard it’s assur to do business with non-kosher food.True? if so why? dosen’t the Torah only forbid Bassar Bechalav?

Also, is there a difference between treif meat mamash and candies or drinks that are mostly from chemicals.

Also, beetsem is there a problem with candies and drinks that have no -hashgach or is it a chumra? because if it’s chemicaly processed it’s not the origial treif thing that it was taken from in the first palce


Yes, this is prohibited. This is issur is found in the seventh perek of Shviis [mishna 3] and detailed in Yoreh Deah 117. Why? The opinion of the Ta”z [ibid. s”k 1] is that this is a Torah prohibition in which case the reason is uopen for explanation, but won’t effect the issur. Most rishonim and poskim are of the opinion that this is an issur drabanan. The reason for this gzeira is that we are concerned one who deals with these things may come to eat from them themselves.

The Torah prohibition for Basar Bechalav is for eating, cooking, and benefiting. The above prohibition is of a different nature, not to have a business that deals with these things.

The prohibition of “sechora” [doing business] applies only to non kosher foods which are Biblically prohibited. Food which is only Rabbinically prohibited may be sold. Candies and drinks which contain no obvious non kosher ingredients or an amount which is nullified according to Torah law may be sold.

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