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Women as Synagogue Presidents / Board Members


Can a synagogue appoint women as its president or have one sit on its board of committee?

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There is no prohibition for a woman to fill one of these positions. However care must be taken to maintain both guidelines of tznius [often a president needs to address the congregation at shul, for a woman to do this would be a breach of traditional synagogue conduct]  and the traditional shul setting [a woman sitting in the “mizrach”, even in the woman’s section would be a departure from this]. Many if not most of our practices in Shul are deep rooted in our tradition going back thousands of years. Often this kind of appointment is indicative of a desire to change that mesores. However, if the above is kept up, and a woman is fulfilling an administrative position which is to the benefit of the shul, and it is with the agreement of the shul members, there would be no prohibition involved

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