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Postponing Bris for Jaundice

Bris mila not on 8th day.

Mother had complicated pregnancy, with “separation of the placenta” , this caused much bleeding and several hospital stays during the pregnancy.
The last time was around 37 weeks and the Dr said to induce labor.
Delivery was fine and baby was healthy ,bh.
The bilirubin level however went up, and when it hit 18.6 the baby’s Dr ordered to take the baby to the hospital and be put under the lights.
Now the level came down to 11.6 after about 30 hours “under the lights”.
If the baby is released on Thursday morning, when should the bris be done? Thursday before shkiya? Friday AM? Wait till Sunday in deference to the Shach’s opinion?
Should we wait full 7 days? (is the jaundice to be considered “choleh kol gufo” in this situation!?)
Thank you


With bilirubin levels as high as this, the Rav’s opinion is that one should wait 7 days from the time the levels dropped to within normal range. If the first test was the one that showed 11.6, the 7 days should be counted from then.


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