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Not Fulfilling Shnayim Mikra

Shnayim Mikro

Many Yidden seem to be meikil with the obligation to say Shnayim Mikro ve`echod targum. Is there any limud zechus for this?

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Igros Moshe [O”C 5:17] notes the prevalent custom to not fulfill this obligation. He admonishes this practice and proves from various sources that all are obligated in this mitzvah, including Torah Scholars who spend their days and nights in Torah study.

In Tshuvot Raavan 88 is of the opinion that this obligation refers to someone who does not have a minyan and will not hear kriyas haTorah and the translator which was customary in those times. While this would indicate leniency for those who attend minyan, this opinion is a singular opinion and not to be considered in determining practical halacha.

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