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Enjoyment from Torah

Does the MB siman 53 s`k 35 mean to say one should not give shiurim (etc.) if one has personal satisfaction from it?


The source for the Mishna Brura is the Sefer Chasiddim. A slightly different version of the story appears in Avos D’Rebbi Nosson Chapter 38. There it is clear that what Raban Shimon ben Gamliel was being punished for was not deriving pleasure and satisfaction from Torah. Rather that teaching Torah and being honored for it caused him some minute level of haughtiness. In addition, even if one does get some pride from teaching Torah, the Mishna Brura does not indicate one should stop teaching. Rather that we should aspire to have pure intentions in all our actions including teaching Torah, but perfection in this matter is not a prerequisite for teaching.

לשון האבות דרבי נתן – כשתפסן את רשב”ג ואת רבי
ישמעאל להריגה היה רשב”ג יושב ותוהה בדעתו ואומר אוי לנו שאנו נהרגין
כמחללי שבתות וכעובדי כוכבים וכמגלי עריות ושופכי דמים אמר לו רבי
ישמעאל שמא כשהיית יושב ודורש בהר הבית והיו כל אוכלוסי ישראל יושבין
לפניך זחה דעתך עליך ונחה דעתו

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