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Tefilla Betzibbur

Tefillah beZibbur in an ezras noshim

Is tefilah in an ezras noshim considered tefillah bezibbur? It would appear from the MB siman 55 sk 58 quoting a Radbaz that it does not. (I am not referring to the Shayle if its miztareph to the minyan, as Shevet Halevy chelek 9). What is the rov`s opinion is this?


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The Mishna Brura is speaking when one is enclosed in a separate room, however if he is in another room, but there is a place where he can stick his face through an opening [such as in an ezras nashim] and he does do, he is metzaref  to the minyan and considered davening in a minyan. This is clear from the Mishna Brura s”k 52.

In addition there are many poskim who assume that if one is an adjoining room and hears the tefilla of the minyan in the adjacent room, davening with them in fact is considered davening with a minyan. See Aruch Hashulchan s”k 23, see also Orchos Rabeinu Vol. 3 pg. 208 in the name of the Chazon Ish.

While one should attempt to be in the same room as the minyan itself, in a case of need one is considered to have davened with a minyan even in an adjoining room.

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