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‘Glatt’ meat vs ‘Chalak Beit Yosef’

Do ashkenazim need to be stringent to ensure that they consume ‘chalak beis yosef’ meat as detailed by the Beit Yosef or is it simply a praiseworthy act? What is the Rav’s position on this?

Glatt Kosher according to the Rama is acceptable lechatchila for ashkenazim. This means allowing removal of “ririn”, small very easily removable adhesions from the lungs. This is basen on the Bais Dovid and others. In fact many hechsherim which advertise as “chalak” or even “chalak beit yosef” allow such adhesions. The fact is that completely clean lungs are very rare, sometimes only 1 in 20 or 30 cows, making it nearly impossible to maintain such a standard in commercial production. There is no uniform standard for Beis Yosef, and so one may enter one butcher and when told it’s only glatt not chalak go across the street and purchase chalak which had more sirchos than the glatt!

So it would seem what is important is to use a reliable mehudar hechsher and especially when buying meat. Aside from treifos there are myriad other issues from shechita to salting to packaging and delivery. Specifically purchasing only meat that had completely clean lungs with no ririn at all would not top the list of chumrot for a hechsher, and in any event is difficult to find. One would have to inquire as to the standard of this chalak beit yosef and trust the authority assuring the meat is actually chalak.


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