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Aveilah Giving Mishloach Manos

Every year, my wife bakes cookies for M”M and the whole neighborhood is very excited to receive them (they are extraordinary). This year, she is in aveilus for her father z”l.

It seems from the hilchos aveilus seforim that an avel CAN give M’M, although others should not give him/her. Still, there is reference to the avel NOT giving “devarim shel simcha,” such as wine, but this seems to apply only to the shiva period. It is a little confusing for this ballebos: Would the Rov clarify the general rules and, specifically, would my wife’s special, greatly-anticipated cookies qualify as “devarim shel simcha?”

Finally, if she may give M”M, is there any reason to “scale down the operation” due to the aveilus, or can it be “business as usual?”

Y’yasher Koichachem.


An Avel is required to give Mishloach Manot, however it should not be done in an excessive fashion. A normal Mishloach Manot with cookies and some other food item s would be acceptable. The poskim indicate that an avel should also limit the amount of people they give to.

However, when it is being given by husband and wife, or family as whole, there is no problem as we may view the Mishloach as being from the husband and/or family.


See Shulchan Aruch Y:D 401:7, O:C 696 MIshna Brura s”k 17. See also Bach, ibid.

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