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Tefila on Airplane

Shalom Harav,

Often on flights in and out of Israel one needs to daven. The question arises if there is a halachic consideration of davening inside the Land of Israel or not. Does zemanim, minyan etc factor at all?

Kol tuv,

Brichat HaTorah ve’HaMitzva


The main consideration would be to make sure you are davening at the proper time of zman tefilla. Many people are unaware of this and on international flights miss the zmanim for krias shma and tefilla.

There is no halachis preference to mae sure to daven while in the borders of Eretz Yisrael.

Many refrain from joining a minyan on a plane, as this often causes disturbance to other passengers and often borders on Chillul Hashem.


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