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Bishul Yisrael for Sefardim

Can a Sephardi rely on the opinion of the Rema (with regards to the definition of bishul Yisrael) in order to enable him to eat in a kosher restaurant owned by a Jew in which only the non-jewish chef is involved in the cooking process?

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While ideally a Sefaradi should try to eat Bishul Yisrael as per the Mechaber even in a restaurant, there is what to rely on in such a scenario to eat Bishul Yisrael according to the Rama. This is due to the fact that the workers are in a Jewish owned establishment and working for a Jew. Although this leniency alone is difficult to rely on, when there is bishul yisrael according to the Rama aswell one may be lenient. In many restaurants, upon request the food can be prepared according to the standards of the Mechaber by the Mashgiach.  See Shu”t Or Yitzchak [Y:D 24].

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