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Surgical Procedures for men as part of IVF

לכבוד הרבנים ומרן הגאב׳ד שליט׳א

Can a newly married man that finds out he has azoospermia undergo surgical retrieval of zera(SSR) in order to facilitate IVF?


About one man in a hundred produces no zera – a condition known as azoospermia. This may be due one of many reasons: vasectomy (the male sterilisation operation), illness (eg mumps in adolescence), trauma or injury to his groin, a genetic condition

For some of these men it may be possible to surgically retrieve sufficient zera directly from the testes for use in the ICSI procedure (Intra cytoplasmic injection which involves the injection of a single healthy zera into the cytoplasm – the jelly-type middle – of an egg).

An SSR is usually planned in advance but in exceptional circumstances can also be carried out as an emergency procedure if the man is unable to produce a zera sample on the day of his wife’s or partner’s egg collection.

1. PESA is the least invasive method and involves inserting a fine needle into the epididymis, the convoluted tube that leaves the testis to become the vas deferens. This is particularly suitable for men who have had a vasectomy, or who were born without a vas deferens
2. TESA involves passing the needle directly into the testis to remove a microscopic core of tissue, which is then prepared by scientists to release the developing zera.

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These procedures are permitted and do not pose any problem of Sirus or Hotzaas Zera Levatala.

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