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Davening in a Bedroom

A woman who is somewhat unwell and wishes to daven, but feels she will have the most “success” (i.e. kavanah, patience) if she does so in her bedroom – may she do so assuming the room is clean and tidy, or MUST she go to some other room in the house?

And in terms of “kavanah,” can one assume that she should try to understand peirush hamilos, or should she “simply say the words because the Anshei Chnesses Hagedoilah wrote it to be said, not to be understood” (as one well-meaning person told her)?


She may daven in the bedroom, as long as there is no filth or smell in the room.

Certainly one should try to understand the meaning of the words. The concept of tefillah is Avodah Shebalev, the Service of the Heart. This means connecting to the Creator by praying to Him, to praise Him ans beseech Him for our needs. This is accomplished by understanding what we are saying with the prayers.

It is true that even one who doe snot understand what they are saying should still pray as long as they understand the concept of what they are doing, but this is far from the ideal form of prayer.

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