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Tearing Kriya at Makom HaMikdash

Is viewing the makom Hamikdash via a web cam, video, or photograph the same as being there?

If one went to the Kosel on erev R”Chodesh Nissan and reissed kriya and then, on 18 Nissan he sees a YouTube clip on Arutz 7 about the kohanim doing birkas kohanim. Does this extend the date of his previous visit to 18 Nissan so that if he goes again personally on 10 Iyar he does not need to reis or is the indirect web cam viewing meaningless? (Likewise one can anytime from anywhere “visit” the kosel on the Aish Kosel Kam).

I’m timtza lomar that it counts, what about if somebody from NY has a big full colored photo of the Kosel on the wall of his office 365/7/24?

Then the next question is the reverse: If he has not seen the Kosel through any means for over 30 days and now sees a photo or live camera feed, does he have to reiss as if he came personally? (I think there is a makom l’chalek).


Tearing kriyah over the Makom Hamikdash [the site of the destroyed Temple] is only for one who is actually physically present there. While the possibility of a camera and video did not exist in previous generations, that of a painting, drawing and more recently a picture did. Nowhere is there an indication that any other viewing would be relevant other than actually being there. This is true of the webcam as well. Obviously the feeling of mourning will be most real by actually being there, and for this kriyah is torn. Viewing will also not effect the 30 days of not seeing the Makom Hamikdash.

It should also be noted that simply understood the tearing would be upon seeing the location of the Mikdash, namely the actual area of Har Habayis. It is common practice to tear upon seeing the Kosel – Western Wall, but this is not self evident.

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  • Zvi Starck

    Pursuant to the teshuva about tearing kriyah and the comment that, meikar hadin, it only applies to the actual Har Habayis –

    Q. Is seeing the (gold plated) domed shrine from outside Har Habayis considered seeing Makom Hamikdash or does one need to see the karka?


    • Rabbi Akiva Dershowitz

      While this is a disturbing sight and drives home the feeling if the churban, it is not technically the site of the destroyed Bais Hamikdash, which would be the floor. Again, common custom is to tear upon entering the area of the Western Wall.


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