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Sefiras Haomer for Children by Day

A question from a teacher in a frum Primary School
In a place where Nacht comes in late, and young children (8 – 10 yrs old) are sleeping already, is it advisable to count the omer in the morning in class (of course without a Beracha) or rather not.

I understood that probably better not, see Ritvo Sukkah 2: re Hilany Hamalkah.
And it may be compared also to the Maharil Diskin and Harav Sh Z Auerbach`s Peassk (quoted in Halichas Shlomo) that children who cannot eat a Kesays of Matzo kedey achilas perass on Leil Haseder should rather not eat at all and not make a Beracha, as there is no Mitzvas Chinuch and consequently it would be assi lemisrach to fullfill the Mitzva in such a way.

Similarly, it could be argued, that since there is no Mitzvas Chinuch for the Omer in such a place (Its too late at night) they should not count by day, as it isassi lemisrach. Let them count by night when they reach the right age.

What is the Rav`s opinion in this?


The children should be counted with in the morning. This is a practice which is actually correct for adults as well, who should count by day if they didn’t get a chance to do so by night. Many have the custom to mention the sefira by day, even if they counted by night. Children of this age would seem to in fact be הגיע לחינוך and will understand that the proper time is at night.

R’ Shlomo Zalman discourages only making a bracha on matza less than the shiur, not on the eating matza itself. On this it would seem there is no concern of אתי למסרך as the child’s natural limitation to eat small amounts will be outgrown.


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