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Taking Pictures on Shabbos

I need to be at a non religious Bar Mitzvah on Shabbos. The family will be hiring a photographer. If asked, can I pose for a picture if the photographer is not Jewish. What about if I’m sitting down and I see him taking my picture, should I ask him not to?


The photographer does not have to be stopped from taking pictures, however you should not intentionally pose for any pictures.

The photographer is taking pictures in any event and is a non Jew, so technically there is no issue. However posing for a picture would be behavior which belittles the sanctity of Shabbos. Ultimately he is doing work on behalf of a Jew [which is forbidden for the Jew] in an atmosphere of Shabbos desecration. So while attending is often necessary, effort should be made to distance from the Chilul Shabbos.


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