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Kohanim in Medical School

I recently heard a shiur from the Rav Shlit”a where he said that there is no heter for a kohain to go to medical school, because an akum is metameh b’mageh ubmaaseh, so anatomy courses are a problem. I have two siblings who went to different medical schools in New York. Both of them informed me that dissections are done as a team because there is a limited number of cadavers available. There are more than enough students to ensure that anyone who does not want to touch a body does not have to. I would add that my sister had several children while in medical school. She was not even allowed to touch the bodies while she was pregnant, out of an abundance of caution. Is it possible that this depends on the school?
Thank you.

Yes, this is very significant information for kohanim. If in fact the program is structured in a way that all touching and handling cadavers could be avoided, kohanim could in fact participate in such a program. This should be verified before joining any particular program. Thank you for the feedback.

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