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Shnayim Mikra for International Traveller

Shalom, I plan to travel Tues night from NY to EY.
With regards to shanyim mikra, must i learn bamidbar until my flight and then start nasso once i land?
Or can i start nasso earlier in the week?
Also can i conclude bamidbar once i’m in EY, or would that not be considered “with the tzibbur”?

Thank you very much


It would seem that ideally you should in fact learn Bamidbar while still in NY and Nasso upon arrival in Eretz Yisrael. As such you would have a complete fulfillment of completing the parshiyos “with the tzibbur”.

However, even if you were to learn Nasso while still in NY you would fulfill your requirement of shnayim mikra. Chazal provided the entire week to learn the week’s parsha and as long as it is clear that this week you will be in EY, it stands to reason that you you are given the entire week to complete the Parsha. Bamidbar can be said in EY as well, as in any event a missed parsha may be made up at a later time.


See Ketzos Hashulchan Vol. 3 Chapter 72, footnote 3, who discusses this question and rules one travelling to EY must make up the Parsha he will miss. He does not stipulate that one must complete the first Parsha before his journey and the second one once he arrives. Rather he implies that the whole week is a fitting time for both parshiyos.

He also discusses the opposite case of one travelling from EY to Chutz Laaretz. He rules that one does not need to repeat the Shnayim Mikra of the same parsha again, as he has already learnt it the week before.

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