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Shavuot in S. Petersburg – follow up


Thank You for your answer.
According to Rabbi’s answer about Shavuot at S. Petersburg.  It is not clear only one detail. It is difficult to make evening meal until tzet shabat as the Rabbi said because it is at one at night and at the same time alot hashachar that we must interrupt meal anyway. Is it possible that only a few of us, maybe women, eat something for candles lighting?

Gut yom tov

What did you mean by “for candles lighting”?

If your intent was eating before candle lighting, the answer is yes the meal may be started after plag hamincha, by everyone. Since it is Shabbos, candles may not be lit until nightfall – after it is certainly tzais hakochavim [i.e. chatzos]. For those who it is difficult, the meal may be concluded before nightfall, as well. For whoever possible the meal should be continued and a kzayis of bread eaten then. If the meal is continued to this point, one may then light candles [otherwise, candles should not be lit].

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