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Tefillah In Ezras Nashim

Gut Voch,

What is the halocho regarding a person davening in a ezrash noshim of a (regular contemporary) shul – is its considered Tefilah be`zibbur?
It would seem from the M`B siman 55 s`k 58 quoting the radbaz (and Biur Halocho there) that if there is another access to mainshul than its is not called tefillah bezibbur there (which is by definition the case in an ezras noshim)

(Shevet Halevi`s teshuvo in chelek 9 is about ziruph and therefore obviously not the same shayl)

Many thanks and best rdgs

The Mishna Brura says earlier in s”k 52 that one who is standing in the Ezras Nashim can complete a minyan, and is certainly considered Tefilla BTzibbur. The halacha you refer to is only when his face can not be seen by the minyan in the other room, as qualified by the Mishna Brura in s”k 57. So in fact one in the Ezras Nashim should stand in a place that at least someone in the minyan can see his face, Mishna Brura s”k 52, 54. Through a glass mechitzah is seemingly enough, however the Kaf Hachaim [s”k 76] is stringent. A mechitzah with small holes is also a matter of debate, see Kaf Hachaim ibid..

In fact, with regards to Tefilla Betzibbur [not tziruf] there are a number of poskim who maintain, that even in a side room totally without seeing one another can still be considered Tefilla BTzibbur, as long as one can hear the Tefilla from his location. This is the opinion of the Aruch Hashulchan [55:23] and brought in the name of the Chazon Ish as well [Orchos Rabbeinu Vol. 3 pg. 208].

Ideally one should be in the room of the Minyan itself, but may rely on the above opinions in cases of need and is still considered Tefilla BTzibbur.

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