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Bracha on Tevilla and Shechita

Does a woman who is immersing (counted 7 nekiyim etc.) make a bracha even though she will not have relations (is it like Netilas Yadim where you don’t make a bracha if you aren’t going to eat bread). How about if someone is shechting an animal to throw to the dogs, does he make a bracha on the shechita?

There is a debate among the Achronim if one who does a proper shechita and bedika, so that the meat is kosher for eating, but has no intention of eating the meat, rather throwing to the dogs, if one should make a bracha on such a shechita. The Gan Hamelech [Siman 55, end of Shu”t Ginas Vradim, Chelek Yoreh Deah] rules that one should not make a bracha. However many argue and rule that it is sufficient that the meat is fitting for consumption to make a bracha. See Pri Chadash [Kuntress Acharon Y:D Siman 19], Pri Megadim ibid. Sifsei Daas s”k 2, Chochmas Adam 5:2 and others. This is also the opinion of the Rivash [Shu”t 398]. The halacha follows the Rivash and the majority of Achronim. This question is not so relevant, as one who shechts for animals, generally does not do so carefully or do a bedika.

With regards to tevila it would seem that a married woman who is tovel would make a bracha, even if relations are not possible for some reason. Generally there is some medical concern which prevents relations, but at the same time the tevila still permits other forms of touching and intimacy. There is a discussion in the poskim as to whether a woman should go to the mikvah when there will not be relations, those who permit do not make any mention of not making a bracha.

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