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Pre Seasoned Cookware


Pre Seasoned Cookware


I bought a cast iron pan and toiveled it and then read the description on the label which says it’s been “seasoned for a natural easy release finish that improves with use”  can I use it not knowing what kind of oil was used?


Pre-seasoned cookware is treated with oil, which can be kosher or non-kosher, depending on whether the oil is animal or vegetable derived.  The Lodge company maintains that they preseason with kosher vegetable oil, but that is not verified by any kashrut organization.
The cookware can be kashered. The layer of oil while absorbed in the outer layer of the utensil, is somewhat tangible [scrubbing with a sponge and soap would remove some of it], so kashering by hagala [in boiling water] is questionable, as this method only removes intangible flavor absorbed in a utensil. So the proper way to kasher would be through libun [dry heat]. Ideally it should be put through a self clean cycle. This will remove the seasoning as well, the pot could then be re-seasoned and used [after tevila].

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