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How To Tuck In Tzitzis

How To Tuck In Tzitzis

For someone who “goes among the gentiles” and wants to NOT wear his tzitzis out, where is he supposed to put them? It seems that leaving them hang inside one’s pants would be a bizayon and we no longer make “pockets” on the corners that the MB mentions.


According to the opinion that the tzitzis strings must be worn on the outside, it is degrading to the mitzvah to wear them inside. However many follow the opinion that tzitzis may or even should be worn tucked in. This is based on 2 rationale. One, is in a time and place that one lives among non Jews and is uncomfortable wearing them out. Another, is based on the teachings of the Arizal who held that the strings should ideally be tucked in, as they represent a rectification for the inner being of a person.

For one who tucks in for either of these reasons, there is no degradation of the mitzvah. They may be tucked in to the pants even if they will partially rest on the skin of the leg. Care should be taken that they do not become soiled or sweaty.


See Magen Avraham 8:13, Mishna Brura 8:25,26.


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