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Fasting for Diabetic

Fasting for Diabetic

Shalom, Rabbi! Am am a diabetic type 1, but now need no insulin or any drugs. Only very strict diet. I have to eat less but often. My blood sugar in normal level. Have I fast 17 tamuz, 9 av or Yk in my situation?

It would depend on your ability to fast. If fasting will make you ill or endanger your health in any way you would not be obligated to fast on 17 Tammuz any year, and certainly not this year where the fast is on the 18th [pushed off]. For Tisha Bav this year which is pushed off to the 10th of Av, the same would apply and any illness would exempt you from the fast. When pushed off, Tisha Bav obtains the leniencies of the other minor fasts.

For Tisha Bav on a regular year a significant illness would be required to exempt one from fasting. For Yom Kippur only if fasting could endanger your life would you be exempt. You should consult with your doctor before Yom Kippur or a regular Tisha Bav to determine if you are fit for fasting or it could be dangerous to your health. Often diabetics need to consume at least “shiurim” to maintain stability for the duration of Yom Kippur.


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