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Shaving During the Three Weeks

Shaving During the Three Weeks


Shaving during three weeks question: I have an August internship at an accountancy firm in London. I also have no idea at present whether they will want me clean shaven or not, but I would like to find out the halachic perspective first such that I have no not to ask them should the halachic answer be no.

In essence, does a paid internship qualify for Rav Moshe’s heter (if not his, who else is there…). I looked at Rav Moshe’s teshuva (the longer one in orach chaim) and it definitely doesn’t seem like the most obvious thing that an internship should fall under this heter? Perhaps the fact that it is paid or the fact that this internship will significantly boost my job chances (should this be relevant in the future) help?

I happen to also have a question regarding the kashrus of a particular shaver – do you know much about this? (Shaver model: Remington R5 Diamond Series R530 Rotary Shaver)

Thanks very much


If not shaving could adversely affect your chance of getting a job, it would be permitted to shave as this would be considered a considerable loss. You should find out what is the norm and what is expected of you. In today’s open culture people are generally accepting of people’s choice of self image and appearance.

Some authorities allow all electric shavers for use, others require it not be a very close cut to the point where you can  not feel any stubble at all. I am not familiar with this particular model.


Igros Moshe C:M 1:93, O:C 4:102, Maadanaei Shlomo pg. 51, cf. Shevet Halevi 10:81:3

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