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9 Days queries

9 Days queries

Gut Voch

Regarding the 9 days – what is the Rovs opinion.

1. A person who has daily showers and feels very uncomfortable without, can he shower during the 9 days and if yes are there any restrictions?

2. A person who does not fit in the above criteria, would he be allowed to shower for Mitzvas Oinoh. Similar to what we find that lezoirech mitzvah rechitzah is muttor (even on 9 av itself).

3. Washing clothes of young children / babies is permitted. If the load is primarily filled with such items, would it be permitted to add some adult clothes into the washing machine. If yes, are there any restrictions?

Many thanks!

  1. Yes, he should use lukewarm and not hot water, and soap and shampoo only as is necessary to remove sweat/odor.
  2. Again with lukewarm water, and only what is necessary to remove odor and filth.
  3.  Adult clothing should not be added to a wash, as one of the reasons for not washing is the joy of having freshly laundered clothes, which is accomplished in this case.

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